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Hi Trappers,

It is a hot time in the old west this summer. It is very hot and windy. With those two in combination we are experiencing some very bad wildfires in some of the western states. Utah has some going right now that are burning a lot of land up. The worst at this point (July 4th) seems to be the Dollar Ridge fire near Fruitland in Northeastern Utah. The last report I saw was last night and it had burned in excess of 30,000 acres. I am sure it is more than that now with the doggone winds pushing it at almost hurricane force.

We hope you are getting prepared to attend this year’s convention. We are working on making it as good and fun as last year’s.

We hope you will be entertained by those who we get to perform demos as we have asked for recommendations and have heard of none.

The DWR in the Cedar City region is putting on a Fur harvester Course and Trap Setting 11 AUG, 2018
9:00 AM - 1:00 PM In-class portion
1:00 PM - 1:30 PM 30-minute test
1:45 PM - 2:15 PM Trapping demonstration
Triple C Arena, 800 N Main St., Panguitch, UT 84759

Details: The Division of Wildlife Resources is partnering with Sportsmen for Fish and Wildlife, Utah Trappers Association, and Garfield County to host a furharvester course in Panguitch, complete with trap setting and the Mountain Man Challenge. For more information about the Mountain Man Challenge, please call Holly Frandsen at 435-590-1937.

If you are interested in the Mountain Challenge contact Holly Frandsen at the number above. 435-590-1937.

The UTA is joining with the Sportsmen for Fish and Wildlife and the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources to make this available to prospective trappers and hope it will be a great experience for all involved.

I want to thank Morris Carrol and his family for making the UTA Summer Camp-out a success. Morris and his great family did a wonderful job and thanks to those who attended. I believe everyone had a good time.

We have seen some problems this past season with people receiving citations for shooting/killing bobcats for their spouses even though the spouse was present. The DWR is working to get that in plainer language so there is no problem in understanding the regulation.

I ask that you trappers make sure you get a copy of the current years/seasons guide book and read it thru and thru so you know where you stand. That will help you if you are confronted with an over-zealous C.O. who might try to interpret the regulations differently than it reads.

Most will not but they will uphold the law. If you are caught breaking the law with untagged traps, untagged cat, setting too close to an exposed bait etc., they will cite you for it.

Stay aware of the regulations and carry a current edition of the guide book with you in your vehicle.

If any of you have not been receiving your Trappers Post or mailings concerning UTA functions, please get in touch with Ron Holt and he will get it ironed out for you. If you have paid your UTA dues and have not received your card. If you can provide a copy of a processed check or give details to Ron, we will make it right.

We are working on the Raffle prizes and will have a very good raffle for you this year. We ask that you participate as much as you can by providing the opportunity for people to get tickets via their donation to the UTA.

It has annually been our biggest and best fundraiser, so we need your help in making it work again this year. We most definitely need your help.

The officers do many things and make many decisions in behalf of the membership, but this is one time that the officers greatly need the help of the members throughout the state.

Look for more on the UTA website and on the Presidents page over the next few weeks.

Thanks for your support.
Al Robb

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