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Fur Sale Information
  • 2020 Fur Sale will be held Friday and Saturday, February 7-9, 2020
    • Fur Sale will be held at Juab County Fairgrounds in Nephi, Utah
    • Check in fur Friday, Feb. 7 - Noon until about 6:00 pm and Saturday, Feb. 8 - 8:00 am until about 2:00 pm
    • Buyers will grade fur Saturday and Sunday with results posted by Sunday night
  • Utah DWR will be at the Fur Sale
    • Tagging Bobcats both days
    • Issuing Coyote Bounty for Utah coyotes
  • Fur Sale Details

    You will need to call and reserve your spot in the sale. It is important to call in your pelt totals so that the buyers will know what to expect on the fur volume. Call in dates will be January 15th until February 5th. The contact people are:
     - Ronnie Hunt (435)491-0497
     - Cody Bassett (435)764-2775
     - Herb Carter (435)623-0718
     - Stan Bassett (435)770-0884
     - Chase Brereton (435)671-2831

    On Saturday at 2:00 p.m., we will be having our membership meeting to discuss association business. There will be a raffle for a muzzleloader. Those who donate fur will be given one raffle ticket towards the gun. You will also be able to purchase tickets. The drawing for the gun will be during our membership meeting. We will also be giving out gift cards for the top lot bobcat, coyote and for the two best donated furs. All donated fur is much appreciated and helps to fund our scholarships.

    There will be an outlet to sell frozen whole animals or frozen pelts. When you sell frozen animals, the buyer will pay all commissions. If you have frozen fur call Stan Bassett (435)770-0884 and let him know what you are going to bring so arrangements can be made for your frozen pelts.

    Last year we had a few pelts that went as a "no sale". Please remember that if your lots go for a "no sale" that you are responsible for picking them up after the sale.
  • Fur Sale Rules Summary
    • Sellers need to call in advance to reserve a spot in the sale
    • Sellers must be a member of the UTA to sell (you may purchase a membership on site prior to the sale)
    • Sellers must agree with terms and conditions of the sale
    • Bobcats must have the permanent DWR tag affixed before lots are assigned - the DWR will be tagging bobcats at the sale
    • Bobcats may be single lotted, but all other species will be limited to no more than 3 lots
    • Absolutely no one except authorized UTA personnel will be allowed on the sale floor. Pictures will not be allowed other than those taken by the UTA historian
    • A 4% commission will be charged for all pelts that are sold and 5% commission will be charged for all no sales to cover buyer/seller fees
    • The DWR will be there to bounty your coyotes and all rules to bounty a coyote still apply

  • Please make sure your pelt counts are accurate and your paperwork is correct before you get your assigned lots. This will help our fur sale run smoothly.

    We look forward to seeing you at the Fur Sale. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact an officer.
Thank you,
Your UTA Officers - Ronnie Hunt, Cody Bassett, Laticia Westwood, Jennifer Hunt, & Chase Brereton